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I have been working with neon signs for years now, and the community model of Cső! seemed the only formula to keep them alive.

My discovery of neon signs dates back to 2014 when I read an article about them. I was fully hypnotized by the hand-written typography and the well-drawn animal and human figures, as they were even  lighting at night.

I have been dealing with them through various projects over the years. At first, for my degree, focusing on a brand identity for a fictional neon museum in Budapest. After that, I assisted in the creation of an online neon map, on the basis of which we released a neon guide and poster with Isabel Val and Ivan Kozak in 2018. I feel that each step brought me one step closer to the creation of the project Cső!, which might be a solution for saving the Hungarian neon signs.

Another important partner of our mission is Mihaly Hallgas, a neon-maker and also the owner of the Decorlight company. Mihaly has helped me a lot in my previous projects, if it had not been for his enthusiasm and professional knowledge, Cső! would not be successful.


Luca Patkós